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People groups: 2,050

Population: 1,708,194,975

Unreached people groups: 1,834

UPG population: 1,567,571,825

Unengaged UPGs: 844

UUPG population: 41,618,775

Number of clusters: 28

Number of countries: 76


Overview: The greatest challenge for world evangelization is presented probably by the peoples of the South Asian affinity bloc. It has more unevangelized individuals and people groups than any other region of the world, and yet in some segments of its societies the Church is growing vigorously. Its ethnic, linguistic, religious and social complexity defies easy description. Overshadowing all is the pervasive caste system that blights India and Nepal especially. The people clusters that comprise South Asian Peoples are based mainly on ethnic origin, language and (to an extent) religion. It is helpful to see the sub-continent in this way, but a three-dimensional model that also incorporates caste is needed.

  -- Patrick Johnstone, The Future of the Global Church, p. 206

People clusters: Assamese; Banjara; Bengali; Bhil; Bhojpur-Maithili; Bihari; Brahui; Gond; Gujarati; Hindi; Jat; Kannada; Kashmiri; Malayali; Maldivian; Marathi-Konkani; Munda-Santal; Nepali-Pahari; Odia; Oraon; Other South Asian; Punjabi; Rajasthan; Sindhi; Sinhala; Tamil; Telugu; Urdu Muslim

Countries where they are found: Afghanistan; Antigua & Barbuda; Argentina; Australia; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Barbados; Belgium; Belize; Bhutan; Brazil; Brunei; Burundi; Cambodia; Canada; Chile; Christmas I.; Denmark; Fiji; France; French Guiana; Germany; Grenada; Guadeloupe; Guatemala; Guyana; India; Iran; Iraq; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Kenya; Kuwait; Laos; Libya; Madagascar; Malawi; Malaysia; Maldives; Martinique; Mauritius; Mozambique; Myanmar; Nepal; Netherlands; New Zealand; Oman; Pakistan; Panama; Portugal; Qatar; Reunion; Rwanda; Saudi Arabia; Seychelles; Singapore; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; Sri Lanka; St. Lucia; St. Vincent & the Grenadines; Tanzania; Thailand; Trinidad & Tobago; Turkey; Uganda; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States; Venezuela; Zambia; Zimbabwe

People groups: 2050

Population: 1708194975

Unreached people groups: 1834

UPG population: 1567571825

Unengaged UPGs: 844

UUPG population: 41618775

Number of clusters: 28

Number of countries: 76